Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

With me still recovering from my SBH Qld Fundraiser Event, and achieving my Fitness Goals, I began to look ahead…and one thing kept jumping out at me – Boot Camp!  I’d been speaking to my gyms (Suncoast Fitness) owner about the possibility of attempting Boot Camp, and as always he was very encouraging.  This is what I love about Suncoast Fitness staff – they believe, like me, that anything truly is possible…that there is a way around achieving anything that you wish to do in your life.

With my recovery, Im having to deal with ‘taking it easy’ (both in my mind and my body – it was a very intense 9 month leadup, and achieving my 3 Fitness Goals, AND host my Event on the one day, my body and mind had been pushed to its ‘limits’) – ‘taking it easy’ does not gel with me at all..haha…  So this was behind my want to do Boot Camp at this time of my life – it is something that pushes you harder than just your average workout.  Id been feeling a little frustrated about having to take it easy and slowly, so I decided (a little niavely…maybe stubbornly? haha) that Boot Camp was my answer…it would give me that sense of achievement and satisfaction that I crave when I need to take it easy and am unable to have this feeling that I so love.  So, after conversations between Mark (Suncoast Fitness gym owner) and I about whether I would be able to actually join in a regular Boot Camp class, I decided to lock in Tuesday 27th November as Boot Camp Day! 😀

The day before I went to this first session, it was really weird I was trying to talk myself out of it, I was ‘making up excuses’ as to why I shouldnt go, I was feeling quite negative about it, and confused “this is not like me, this is what the old me used to do all the time, making excuses to try to talk myself out of things”….and I was to find out the very next day, exactly why I was doing this. 

The morning of Tuesday 27th November, I was still feeling a little ‘meh’ about going to Boot Camp (not what I wanted to feel at all!), but I got motivated, threw my workout clothes on, and headed to the Suncoast Fitness H.I.T. Room (High Intensity Training Room) which is in a venue near the main Suncoast gym.  Getting out of the car, I knew I had arrived there a little early so wasnt surprised when no one was around.  Wandering through the grounds, I found the H.I.T. Room – it was AMAZING!! The power from this room was incredible…a diverse range of exercise equipment designed for more intense workouts – but what stood out for me was what was sitting in the middle of the room – an awesome boxing ring! Id never seen one ‘in the flesh’ before, and to see one, it was such a powerful feeling – I wanted to get up into that ring, and train/box, right then and there!  But…of course I couldnt as there was no one else around. 

I waited for people to turn up for the session…but after a while,  no one had turned up.  A quick phonecall to Suncoast Fitness confirmed that unfortunately it had been cancelled.  On the very morning I had turned up to attempt this awesome feat for the first time, and the session is cancelled!  Nooooooo…!  But, thats Ok, all was not lost, while I was there, I realised that I had stumbled upon not one, but two opportunities to try two more things from my Chasing my Dreams bucket list:

A boxing ring and a speedball…simply two pieces of fitness equipment – or opportunities?

#121. Box/train in an actual boxing ring
#122. Box a speedball


After heading to Suncoast Fitness for a workout….I realised that maybe it was not such a good idea to attempt Boot Camp that morning anyway – I was exhausted, and I didnt even do half of what I normally push myself to, in a session.  Yep, seems I am ‘still recovering’, after all!  (well, duh…I knew that, but wanted to ‘push through’ anyway – yes I do have a determined streak! haha) It was actually a blessing that Boot Camp was cancelled, or I may have set my recovery back a few steps….steps which I cannot afford to take.  Maybe this was why I was trying to talk myself out of it the day before…because I somehow deep down knew that today wasnt the right time to try it?  Bring on Boot Camp when I AM recovered! 😀

Life….it has a funny way of working out, sometimes! 

Anything is Possible…even when it doesnt work out the way you expected it to!

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